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Fic and Art

Supernatural Fic and Art
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Yeah, I know, I hear what you're thinking -ANOTHER Supernatural fandom community?! And the answer is, well, Hell Yeah! But with a difference, the purpose of this community is to provide a venue for fans to indulge in all things fanish without the 'cest, slash, and graphic sex that pops up (some more than others) in most communities.

The point is not to make a kiddie fic site but just one where those who don't go in for it won't need to sift through the aforementioned (and consequently cut down on the number of disclaimers required) ;) So essentially the parameter is genfic (or the equivlent in a visual medium.)

Violence, swearing, and sexuality are NOT forbidden, but use your good judgment or one of the moderators will do it for you.

Now that you've been threatend, I'll put the big voice away and move right on to the usual fine print:

First off - legal disclaimer, all things SN belong to their respective creators, no infrigement of copyright intended.

With that out of the way...

The Subject line should include the title of the fic and rating, or # of icons, or header or wallpaper etc.

Please include the title, ratings, summary etc. in the body of the post and put the fic itself behind a cut (or link it to an outside source). If you are posting art work please no more than 4 sample icons, put the rest behind a cut.

I'll be working on tags for use to orgainze and once they are ready I'll let ya'll know.

This is not the venue for discussion of the show or its stars, and introduce yourself through your creative contributions not an introductory post.

Most of all, have fun and welcome!

Happy Hunting!




If you are interesting in affliating please drop me a line, and please feel free to add us to your list, and use one of these if you are so inclined.

(more to follow)

NOTE: Communities listed as affliates are not necessarily 'cest/slash/or porn free, please use your discrection when viewing materials. Most make explicit mention if any of the above are included in a post, read summaries, ratings, and disclaimers closly.