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laughtersmelody [userpic]
Intuition, G, Ficlet
by laughtersmelody (laughtersmelody)
at March 22nd, 2010 (06:45 pm)

current mood: cheerful

Title: Intuition
Rating: G
Genre: General/Family
Type: One-shot
Spoilers: References to“The Song Remains The Same.”
Summary: Mary was meant to forget…but she didn’t forget everything. “The Song Remains The Same,” 5.13, ficlet. Set pre-series.

A/N: This fic was inspired by the scene with John and Mary at the end of “The Song Remains The Same.” :)

A/N2: I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His incredible goodness and mercy.

( Life without hunting was everything Mary had ever dreamed it would be. )